Aldox Mini

Deoxygenate water efficiently and hygienically with the Alfa Laval Aldox™ Mini, a process system module for producing high-quality deaerated water. This factory-assembled system, designed for deoxygenating water, is developed in cooperation with the brewing industry, is designed as a skid-mounted unit and is intended for low-capacity demands.

Deaerated water solution - automatic, compact and efficient

  • Hygienic and compact skid-mounted design
  • Achieve water dissolved oxygen (DO) levels down up to less than 0.01 ppm in less than 5 minutes.
  • Carbon dioxide losses below 5%
  • No pressure rated or heavy-duty vessels needed
  • Fully automatic module outfitted with a PLC and integrated CIP program

Oxygen is removed from the water in the Aldox™ Mini column by gas stripping process giving you deoxygenated water. The internal packing material, specifically developed for this application, ensures a large effective contact area between water and stripping gas, typically carbon dioxide. This gives you highly efficient oxygen removal at very low gas flow rates, with almost all of the carbon dioxide dissolved in the water. The result is a high quality deaerated water, beer friendly, to greatly reduce the risk of oxygen pick up. Cleaning-in-place is integrated into the deaerated water unit so you benefit from easy, automatic maintenance.

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