Tratamiento de aguas municipales y aguas residuales industriales


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Decantadores ALDEC

Smaller, low-tech ALDEC decanter centrifuges are ideal for loads of smaller wastewater treatment facilities looking for reliable, low-cost sludge dewatering.


The ALDRUM sludge thickening system enables you to reduce your sludge volume by as much as 90%. It is ideal for thickening prior to processes such as digestion or dewatering, and for reducing sludge volume prior to storage or transportation.

Filtro banda

Sludge dewatering at high volume and high solids loading, with low polymer and power input.

Filtro Prensa

The Alfa Laval Plate Press is ideal for sludge dewatering applications where very high dry cake solids are a key priority. This press can achieve dry solids up to 40%, and is easily customized to suit all dewatering and solids capture requirements. At the same time, operating costs are minimized due to very low consumption of both polymer and energy. The result is an extremely cost-efficient output of solids with dryness up to 40% and a solids capture rate greater than 99%, the highest of any dewatering technology.


Membrane bioreactor technology is a future-proof solution for treatment of both municipal and industrial wastewater. It allows you to maximize resource recovery, minimize costs and implement a circular-economy perspective in your operations. Alfa Laval’s membrane modules for bioreactors bring together the advantages of hollow fibre and flat sheet technologies. Combining our unique LowResist™, S Aerator™ and QuickSwap™ technologies, our systems offer a range of benefits for MBR processes.

Filtro textil Iso-Disc

The Alfa Laval AS-H Iso-Disc cloth media filter enables production of high-purity, reuse-quality filtrate from applications such as tertiary filtration, process streams, surface water treatment and other water reuse. The robust yet simple filter design can handle solids and hydraulic loading with a small footprint-to-flow ratio.

Cero Vertimientos

Zero liquid discharge systems – Evaporators and crystallizers based on Alfa Laval’s recently launched WideGap 100 as well as the AlfaVap heat exchangers are ideal for concentration of effluent, waste reduction and product recovery plus water reuse in many industries. These Alfa Laval technologies enable excellent performance in difficult and high fouling applications. Examples include anaerobic and salty chemicals effluent, oilfield produced water, reverse osmosis reject, palm oil mill effluent, black water evaporation from olive oil production, ion exchanger regeneration waste, distillery spent wash effluent, brine waste from sugar and starch production as well as power plant applications.